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How to purchase?
IYCN provides more than 250,000 vehicles from across the United states and Canada for online auction.
We have  DEALERSHIP licenses to help you buy these vehicles directly from the different auction houses.Great selection with great prices = Happy Customers!
The process is simple:
1) Search our inventory and find the vehicle you like.
2) Examine the pictures, descriptions and price(If vehicle has BUY NOW price).
3) When you are ready to purchase contact US via "Our LIVE CHAT" option , Email us at, or simply call us on +2348021811811.
4) Make a commitment fee of $500 or 5% of the cost of the car(whichever is higher).
5) We will advise you on the best location to buy from, help you check the vehicle history if you want or help you arrange for physical inspection.
6) You can complete the purchase by paying all your remaining fees and we will take it from there by arranging  ground movement  to port of exit, shipping to your home country and helping you arrange for custom clearance in your home country .

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